Details on MNL48 5th single High Tension

At the 4th Handshake Single "Ikaw Ang Melody" or "Kimi wa Melody" MNL48 made a surprising and extraordinary announcement, the announcement was the announcement of the senbatsu for the 5th single titled "High Tension" .

The fifth single is planned to be performed for the first time in November at an event in Manila and before being presented, MNL48 has announced the composition of the senbatsu.

There are 4 members who first entered the ranks of senbatsu this time and what is surprising is the position of the center, where during the first period the center was held by Sheki until finally in the second period it was taken over by Aly but in fact this did not have a good impact on Aly the second period center, where she had to be willing to be replaced by her generation's first-generation friend.

It should be noted that MNL48 determines senbatsu members through an audition that is rated by MNL48 staff and the selected member will be Senbatsu and the best will be the center of High Tension

Following is the arrangement of the 5th MNL48 Senbatsu Single "High Tension":

Team MII: Alice Margarita (Alice), Ashley Nicole (Cole), Dana Yzabel (Yzabel), Faith Santiago (Faith), Francinee Rifol (Rans), Lorelaine Sanosa (Laney), Maria Jamie (Jamie), Shekinah Arzaga (Sheki) .

Team NIV: Abelaine Trinidad (Abby), Aubrey Ysabelle (Belle), Jhona Alyanah (Aly).

Team L: Chelsey Yssacky (Yssa), Dian Marie (Dian), Gabrielle Skribikin (Gabb), Kaede Ishiyama (Kay), Marsela Mari (Sela).

The 5th single High Tension Center this time is Gabb (Gabrielle Skribikin) from MNL48 Team L.