Former Nogizaka46 Eto Misa married with Genda Sosuke

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Former 1st generation member of Nogizaka46 Eto Misa and Baseball Athlete Genda Sosuke have been married this October.

Eto Misa and Genda have been in a relationship since April after Misa graduated from Nogizaka46 at the end of March.

Their meeting began when Misa interviewed Genda last spring for the CS Fuji TV ONE bassball sports news program 'Professional Baseball News 2018'.

The conversation between the two went so fun because they were of the same age and were both from Oita.

The second wedding party is planned to be held at the end of this year.

- Eto Misa's Comment -

For everyone who has supported me all this time. I want to announce that I have been officially married to Genda Sosuke-san. I will always appreciate the attitude of his hard work and his relationship with the people around him. His gentle and calm attitude at all times made me feel an incredible sense of comfort when with him. His success is also happiness for me, so I want to continue to support him. From now on, we will begin our long journey as husband and wife with feelings of gratitude and love for one another. I moved to Tokyo and entered this world (entertainment) when I was 18 years old, I got a lot of support from related parties, staff, especially from the fans. I will continue to try to do the best in my work routine while balancing it with my domestic life. I am very happy if you continue to support me.