Former SNH48 Group members in selection for Gravure magazine

SNH48 GROUP fans seem to be in a stir with the appearance of former SNH48 GROUP members who appeared in a Japanese gravure magazine.

These four ex members become gravure models for a magazine that requires them to wear swimsuit.

They are Liu Peixin, former SNH48 Team NII, Zhang Hanxiao, former BEJ48 Team B, Wang Baishuo, former SNH48 Team HII, and Gong Mengting, former SHY48 Team HIII.

These girls passed the Gracon in China selection and became a photo shoot to enter in Young Jump magazine.

According to Japanese media, there are 60 girls in China who were recruited for selection.

If there were 1 million applicants according to several sources who took part in this audition.

Four former SNH48 GROUP members qualify and become part of the top 60.