Former SNH48 Li YiTong opens her official personal website

Former SNH48 member 'Li Yitong' officially joined as a STAR48 shade artist.

Although it is still an agency, Li Yitong will spend her days not far from the name SNH48.

Li Yitong's private studio began on the date of graduation.

Following in Kiku's footsteps, the management of Li Yitong also opened the official website for the artist. 

Li Yitong's official website is called and it is laid out beautifully.

With the concept of a schoolboy, the photo of Li Yitong wearing a uniform on the official website looks very cute.

Domain sites have been registered long time ago.

Since she was still a member of Team NII.

The trademark of Li Yitong has also been registered with Huang Tingting.