GNZ48 Chen Xinyu collapsed during theater show

GNZ48 fans were made worried about Chen Xinyu's condition at the theater performance of Team NIII waiting stage last night.

This Taiwanese girl fainted on stage during performing on the night of the show.

The theater performance of Team NIII yesterday was special after Zuo Jingyuan.

On the last song 'BINGO!', Chen Xinyu performed with 7 other members including Zuo Jingyuan.

When the song finished and the lights were suddenly darkened, Chen Xinyu fell off.

Fans who watched the show immediately shouted and worried about Chen Xinyu's condition.

This is the first time a GNZ48 member fainted during a theater performance.

In the song before BINGO!, Chen Xinyu showed no signs of weakness but her face looked tired.

When she fainted, Chen Xinyu was immediately taken backstage to be handled by the staff.

However, until now Chen Xinyu's condition is still unknown.