GNZ48 suspend Sun Xin due to recent scandal

GNZ48 gives an announcement through the official website.

The announcement was none other than the sentence imposed for Team NIII member Sun Xin who was apparently involved in a scandal.

In the announcement, Sun Xin violated the code of ethics of the members of the SNH48 GROUP.

GNZ48 has always been committed to creating idols with positive energy for that Sun Xin's behavior is very disappointing and is not in accordance with SNH48's rules of conduct.

To neutralize the atmosphere and avoid misunderstandings, as a warning the company GNZ48 decided to make a punishment for Sun Xin.

After examining the case and discussing it together, the agency will suspend theater performances indefinitely from now on, and all work will be stopped.

From the announcement GNZ48 mentioned Sun Xin had personal contact with a certain man. According to news that spread among fans, Sun Xin is said to still have a boyfriend even since she entered the group.