Leaked CGM48 members official Instagram account

Quoted from pantip.com, fans in Thailand are discussing the sister group of BNK48 in Chiang Mai 'CGM48'.

After the excitement with the girl group praying accompanied by Izurina some time ago, now a new topic has reappeared.

The official accounts of CGM48 members are reported to have been registered by management.

As we know Izuta Rina and Aom sent from BNK48 for this group have changed their Instagram and Facebook account names with the 'CGM48' affix.

Instagram accounts have been registered according to the names of each member.

There are 17 account names in which rumors belong to the first generation of CGM48.

Here are the names of registered CGM48 Instagram account owners.

Nut (@nut.cgm48official),
Milk (@cgm48.milk),
 Sita (@sita.cgm48),
Nada (@nada.cgm48),
Mumu (@mumu.cgm48official),
Kaiwan (@cgm48.kaiwan),
Muefan (@mueanfan.cgm48official),
Pim (@cgm48.pim).

Latin (@cgm48.latin),
Minnie (@minnie.cgm48),
Fortune (@cgm48.fortune),
JJae (@cgm48.jjae),
Meen (@cgm48.meen),
Meena (@cgm48.meena),
Ying (@ying.cgm48),
Pleng (@pleng.cgm48),
Chaboo (@chaboo.cgm48).