Leaked CGM48 Theater and Digital Live Studio location

The Chiang Mai-based BNK48's sister group 'CGM48' will soon be carrying out their first debut.

Following the success of their senior in Bangkok, CGM48 will be centered on the northern Thai market.

Of course it needs a concert and a careful plan to attract the attention of the public.

Like BNK48, CGM48 will also have a theater and aquarium house, aka CGM48 Digital Live Studio.

News of the location of theater and studio buildings has now spread on the popular forum site 'Pantip'.

Location is in the center of the capital city of Chiang Mai province, Chiang Mai City.

Quoted from pantip.com, rumors of the location of the CGM48 theater will be in a large shopping center, the Central Festival Chiang Mai, which is located in the Mueang District.

CGM48 Digital Live Studio will reportedly be located at Central Airport Plaza close to a Japanese restaurant.