MNL48 collaboration with ABS-CBN, largest Philippines tv station

MNL48 held a meeting with the top ranks of the biggest TV station in the Philippines, ABS-CBN.

The second meeting was none other than discussing the agreement between ABS-CBN with HalloHallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE), an agency that houses MNL48, which has the trust of AKS.

Apparently both of them will try to advance the idol group in Manila.

ABS-CBN officially hooked MNL48 to be part of their extended family which is often called the Kapamilya.

Surely this has been a tremendous advantage for MNL48 and of course HHE has not objected to thinking about the group's future.

The meeting was attended by Mr Paulo Kurosawa of HHE who was accompanied by 9 MNL48 members.

As the largest entertainment station and media in the Philippines, MNL48 joining Kapamilya has become trending on Twitter PH.

This also surprised some netizens with this.

ABS-CBN itself has many programs and artists that are much in demand by the people there.

So MNL48 will participate in the program more often and even create separate events.

MNL48 itself said that there are big surprises that can be awaited after this.

Previously, MNL48 and ABS-CBN had worked together but only a few aspects.