MNL48 Mela, Essel and Jean resigned from the group

Today MNL48 lost their 3 members, the three members came from kenkyuusei members namely Jamela Magbanlac (1st Generation), Jessel Montaos (1st Generation) & Je-ann Benette (2nd Generation).

The three of them decided to resign for personal reasons. Mela (Jamela Magbanlac) & Essel (Jessel Montaos) are the first generation members who at the time of the 2nd senbatsu sousenkyou were not ranked and declared graduates in May 2019 and returned to kenkyuusei for the second period.

While Jean (Je-aan Benette) is the same 2nd generation candidat who did not get the rank when the 2nd senbatsu sousenkyou and was declared a graduate and returned to kenkyuusei.

The following are official statement from the official HHE & MNL48.

"HalloHallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) wants to officially announce the departure of kenkyuusei members Mela, Essel and Jean from MNL48 for personal reasons so that each member hopes their fans will understand. 

HHE wholeheartedly accepts and respects their decisions and sincerely wishes the best in their future endeavors. 

We hope that they will bring all the learning, experiences and memories that they shared with the group and management when they started a new journey. 

HHE and MNL48 would like to take this opportunity to thank fans for their continued support especially now because this group will prepare more interesting projects that all fans will be proud of. Thank you."