Nine JKT48 members to hold graduation concert at the same stage

As announced at the 'Idol no Yoake' Handshake festival that JKT48 will hold a concert next month.

The concert will be held at the SMESCO Convention Hall, Jakarta.

The concert was none other than the graduation ceremony of 9 JKT48 members who had announced their graduation.

The nine members who will graduate are:
Michelle Christo (Team J),
Adhisty Zara (Team T),
Ayana Shahab (Team T),
Sonia Natalia (Team T),
Viny Fitrilya (Team KIII),
Yona (Team KIII),
Angel (Team T),
Vanka ( Team T),
and Jennifer Rachel (Team KIII).

In addition, the concert in November will be divided into two sessions.

The first session was 'Graduation of Sakura Petals' and the second session was a concert to select JKT48 original single member.

The moment in this concert is the most eagerly awaited thing.