SNH48 Group reportedly to participate in PRODUCE CAMP

Qing Chun You Ni 2 will come cheer later this year.

The survival program in China is very desirable citizens.

From Idol Producer to PRODUCE 101 China, this program is always eagerly awaited.

This year there have been rumors of China's third season PRODUCE 101.

This program is rumored to be airing in 2020 and is currently at the interview stage of prospective trainees.

Since the second season PRODUCE 101 in China has not used an additional 101, and changed to PRODUCE CAMP.

Not PRODUCE 48, this third season doesn't follow the originals in South Korea.

The title of the event will be the second season PRODUCE CAMP for female trainees.

Several groups in China began to reportedly follow this event.

One of them is SNH48 GROUP.

According to a strong source account on Weibo, the river (as SNH48 refers to the word SeiNaHe which means River Seine) came to the interview for prospective trainee PRODUCE CAMP 2nd season.

According to an account that discusses CPOP idols that there is a group of 48 that will take part in the PRODUCE event next year.

However, AKB48 Team SH or SNH48 are still unknown.

Even so many hopes of SNH48 fans to participate in this survival event.

Earlier in China's PRODUCE 101 the first season yesterday, SNH48 reportedly withdrew because of the participation of AKB48 Team SH.

However, now they will be together in the Qing Chun You Ni event so there is no reason to go back again.