SNH48 hold special stage Japanese ver setlist at theater

SNH48 failed to appear on the 'Plan Salvation' tour in Japan due to typhoon Hagibis which hit Tokyo.

There is no longer a contingency plan that can be done to appear in the land of the rising sun.

As a substitute, the management held a special 'Plan Salvation' show at SNH48 Star Dream Theater today.

If the plan while on tour in Japan SNH48 will sing the original setlist song in the Japanese version, this is done at the SNH48 theater show at that time.

Not all Plan Salvation songs are sung in Japanese.

SNH48 only sang two Japanese versions of the song 'Chen Guang (晨光)' and 'Who is Your Girl'.

Rovalry related to Japan are indeed a bit sensitive in China so it might be limited.

Chinese accents singing Japanese songs are indeed typical.