STAR48 to form new movie company

The film industry in China is indeed very promising for movie producers.

Even the SNH48 idol group started to explore the movie network since the beginning of their debut.

After establishing a special company for film production named 'STUDIO48', STAR48 group SNH48 agency is rumored to re-establish a new company.

The name of this movie company in Beijing is Beijing Qing Chun You Jia Yingshi Youxian Gongsi (北京 青春 有 加 影视 有限公司).

STAR48 has invested about 10 million Yuan for the company.

If STUDIO48 is specifically for SNH48 GROUP and DSB members, it might be focused on young Chinese talents.

This company might collaborate with Beijing Film Academy in the future as STUDIO48 did some time ago.