What is "© iAM" on BNK48 and CGM48 new content (video / photos) ?

What is "© iAM" on BNK48 and CGM48 new content (video / photos) ?

BNK48 (Bangkok) and CGM48 (Chiang Mai) are sister groups of AKB48 based in Thailand.

Both are still under the auspices of the same management or agency, BNK48 Office.

This can be seen from all of the copyright in the photos in these two groups.

However, it seems now that BNK48 and CGM48 are experiencing copyright changes.

At the announcement of the first generation of CGM48 members yesterday, all members' photos did not say '© BNK48 Office' but instead were written '© iAM'.

This has become one of the hot topics of Thai netz because of copyright changes.

Whereas before, CGM48 always attached cr to BNK48 Office.

But apparently it's older group, BNK48 also underwent a change.

When uploading new photos on its social media page, it also no longer reads BNK48 Office and is written the same as what CGM48 does.

Then who is the 'iAM' that gets this full copyright? Fans also discussed this and were very curious about the agency behind the name iAM.

There are somebody who say that the abbreviation is Idol Artist Management (iAM).

But there is also a link to one of the management of the artist named 'iAM' which also exists in Thailand.

Now it is still a secret matter because it is not explained by BNK48 itself. There are also those who say that iAM stands as the name of a new agency for BNK48 Group.