6 AKB48 Team SH members promoted to regular team

6 AKB48 Team SH members promoted to regular team

The AKB48 Team SH's first anniversary celebration concert was enlivened with some surprising announcements last night.

In addition to theater and setlist, there are other important announcements including promotion of core members from 2nd generation.

Those who were promoted from 2nd generation are 6 of them namely Gui ChuChu, Gong LuWen, Hu XinYin, Shi AiBei, Xiong FangNi, and Zeng SiChun.

This promotion is fast because only two months ago the second generation was announced to fans at the Shoujotachi single special fan meeting yo !.

In total there are still 15 second generation members who still have to struggle to be appointed as core members of the AKB48 Team SH.

They are Cheng Anzi (程安子), Jian Qiangwei (渐蔷微), Kong Kexin (孔珂昕), Li Yuzhen (李于淼), Li Sha (莉莎), Liang Shian (梁时安), Pan Qiuyi (潘秋怡), Pu Zhiying (蒲祉颖), Tan Junxi (谭珺兮), Wang Yuran (王俞然), Wu Yiting (吴怡婷), Zhang Qianfei (张倩霏), Zhang Qiaoyu (张乔瑜), Zhang Yinglu (张樱璐), Zou Ruonan (邹若男).

2nd gen at the concert last night also appeared on several songs, one of which was Heavy Rotation.

They wear the same uniform as seniors in the first generation.