AKB48 2020 Request Hour Best 50 will be held in January

Request Hour is an AKB48 song selection event.

Fans receive voting tickets, usually from CD sales or other memberships, and choose their favorite songs to display on Request Hour.

The top winner is announced in person, with the 1st place winner being the most eagerly awaited.

Next year AKB48 will hold this event again for the umpteenth time.

Tokyo Dome City Hall is where the event is often held with a capacity of around 3000 spectators.

Request Hour returns again in January 2020! But this time, AKB48 did not implement the Best 100 of the best songs displayed but only the top "Best 50".

Request Hour Concert will be held on January 19-20 2020. January 19 for rank #50 - #26 and January 20 for #25 - #1.

In the 2019 Rquest Hour yesterday, a trio of HKT48 members won 2nd place with Romantic Byou.

AKB48 Team 8 won 1st place with their first song titled "47 no Suteki na Machi e".