AKB48 Team SH to have new project for fans

AKB48 Team SH has announced that they will hold a project for fans named "EP C / W Qi You Ni Lai Ding (EP C / W 曲 由 你 来 定)" or which means "EP Coupling Songs It's Up To You ".

EP C / W Qi You Ni Lai Ding is a project where AKB48 gives the chance for fans to determine the coupling song (B-Side) for the next EP.

This EP is planned to be released in 2020.

Fans can choose the B-Side song in the new EP later by voting.

AKB48 Team SH will open a vote page so that AKB48 Team SH can choose AKB48 Group songs.

Cards with a vote code will be included in AKB48 Team SH's first album "365 Nichi no Sustainable".

Votes will start on December 3, 2019 until February 3, 2020.

The time provided is quite long, at least two months.

Fans can choose their favorite songs for adaptation from the Japanese 48 Group.