AKB48 to perform with new special song "Aisuru Hito"

AKB48 to perform with new special song "Aisuru Hito"

AKB48 will bring a special song made by Yasushi Akimoto to be featured at 2019 Best Artist.

It was revealed that the title song "Aisuru Hito (愛 す る 人)" will be shown for the first time.

When the program producer offered AKB48 to make choir arrangements.

So AKB48 will perform for the harmony medley with the song Aisuru Hito.

Some singers and musicians are also invited to collaborate on this medley song.

Akimoto Yasushi said that he was offered by the Best Artist 2019 for this project.

"That's why I decided to make an original song for this program." Aki-P said as quoted in Oricon.

"The human voice is warm. The choir is a collaboration of voices with warmth. I want to make a song that will be addressed to loved ones, family, unrequited love, and everyone in front of television by imagining and listening to the people they love. " he continued.

Aisuru Hito is a love-themed song with the meaning of "Loved One". It might sound very melow later when it was presented at the award ceremony in Japan.