Ari Tulang is the choreographer for JKT48 original singls

The general election of 1st JKT48 Original Single Members has now ended.

Not long after, some time ago it was seen that the chosen Senbatsu and Undergirls had undergone training for the song they were going to bring.

Of course the most awaited is the song of the senbatsu because it brought the first original single from JKT48.

It was also seen the members had undergone vocal training with the original single composer.

After the vocal section, the senbatsu also took part in a dance practice held yesterday.

In the photo uploaded by Ari Tulang in his Instagram account, it was seen that the members and him finished choreography training.

The members also held up their little fingers in the photo.

However, previously Ari Tulang had practiced dance with choreographers from JKT48.

In the photo uploaded on Instagram by Geri Krisdianto, Ari Tulang is seen giving directions to the choreographer JKT48.

In the photo, 5 JKT48 choreographers are discussing the choreography of the original single dance with Ari Tulang.

So the total number of original JKT48 single choreographers included 6 people including Ari Tulang, Geri Krisdianto, Iin Waode (Team J choreographer), Donny Yulianto (Team KIII choreographer), Rendy White (Team T choreographer), and Ronald Crescendo (Academy choreographer).