BNK48 Mimigumo fan meeting ticket details revealed

BNK48 Mimigumo fan meeting ticket details revealed

BNK48 fans are now horrified by the fantastic price of the first fanmeeting ticket from the Mimigumo sub unit.

The types of fan meet tickets have been announced and divided into 4 classes with different seat positions.

There are three types of tickets, namely Blue Zone, Pink Zone, and Green Zone, starting from 1,300 THB, 2,300 THB, and 3,300 THB.

However, according to fans, there is one type of ticket that really doesn't make sense.

The ticket is a VIP class which sells for 33,000 THB.

It only consists of 8 seats for VIP class.

If we buy this VIP ticket we will indeed get many bonuses such as 8 souvenir cards, message cards written by Mimigumo members themselves, and 8 special gifts from Mimigumo.

The cheapest tickets for Green Zone only get gift cards, Blue Zone 1 souvenir card, and Green Zone get 1 souvenir card and 1 message written by Mimigumo members.