BNK48 new mobile app "iAM48" includes CGM48 members

After changing the name to iAM, BNK48 Office also made a number of changes such as the mobile application.

BNK48 member interactive application with a fan named "BNK48 Official Application" officially changed its name and logo yesterday.

The online application has changed its name to "iAM48".

The application's logo has also changed, there it says "iAM48 Thailand".

Some designs and colors in this app have also been changed.

The background design application changes to white with pink, purple and green color patterns.

In addition, CGM48 member slots are also added in this new application.

Previously this application was specifically only members of BNK48.

The CGM48 members that have been added are Izuta Rina and Aom because they are former BNK48.

For the first generation CGM48 members will be added in the future.

Just await further notification announcements.

iAM48 is an application that was launched so that fans can get closer to the BNK48 and CGM48 members.

In this application, members have their own profile pages and are scheduled to broadcast live on a rolling basis.

In addition, the public can enjoy BNK48 songs through this application.