Details on former SNH48 Li YiTong 2nd solo single "Next Trip"

Details on former SNH48 Li YiTong 2nd solo single "Next Trip"

Li Yitong Personal Studio has announced that the artist will release a second solo single titled "Next Trip".

The title of this single in Mandarin is "Xi Ci Luxing (下次 旅行)" or which means Next Trip.

This single will be released on December 2, 2019.

Li Yitong's Next Trip EP is a digital single that will only be released on the Chinese music platform.

This song will depict Li Yitong's new journey after graduating from the idol group SNH48.

It seems like in this single, Li Yitong will have the song MV Next Trip.

It is known after Li Yitong's personal studio released a motion picture that revealed some clips in the word NEXT TRIP.

Seen in the picture also, the clip taken is not much different from the single SNH48 Poetry About Time.

Chances are if Li Yitong had a music video that would take the same filming location as her special SNH48 graduation single Poetry About Time.

The location of the MV was taken in several corners in Japan.

Li Yitong is a former second generation SNH48 member who graduated from the group last September.

She has been the queen of SNH48 elections twice and is still in the same agency, STAR48. Li Yitong's first solo single "Ok Then / Na Hao Ba" was released in 2018.