Details on Ju JingYi new EP "Lian'ai Gaoji"

Details on Ju JingYi new EP "Lian'ai Gaoji"

A few days ago, Ju Jingyi Personal Studio through its official Weibo account announced that they would launch a mini EP aka the latest single for Ju Jingyi.

The former SNH48 idol group personnel will comback through the EP titled "Lian'ai Gaoji (恋爱 告急)".

Previously, Ju Jingyi comback through the song Gudu yu Shi (孤独 与 诗) or Loneliness and Poetry a few months ago.

Lian'ai Gaoji's single will be released on November 8, 2019.

In English, Lian'ai Gaoji has the meaning 'Hunted Love'.

This single is also a celebration of Ju Jingyi's six-year debut as an idol.

In 2013, she officially passed the SNH48 second generation audition.