GNZ48 to form new subunit named OUTTOO

GNZ48 to form new subunit named OUTTOO

If at JKT48 we know a special dance sub unit called "JKT48 Dance Project", well the younger sister group SNH48 in Guangzhou GNZ48 also doesn't want to lose.

They also have a dance project sub unit called "OUTTOO".

OUTTO consists of 5 members namely Liu Lifei (Team NIII), Chen Guijun (Team Z), Hong Jingwen (Team NIII), Huang Chuyin (Team G), and Ye Shuqi (Team G).

This sub-unit was announced on October 22, 2019 with an unknown name back then.

Unlike other SNH48 sub units, OUTTOO focuses on an online video platform called Douyin, similar to Tik Tok.

They have their own official account and often upload videos of dancing to the account.

Their official name is OUTTOO Wutuan (OUTTOO 舞团), which means OUTTO Dance Group. In this sub unit, Liu Lifei holds the center position but she is often absent in the video because of other work.