iAM is ready to form BNK48's 1st brother group

BNK48 Office has finished holding a closed press conference to several media in Thailand regarding the change in the name of their agency.

BNK48 Office officially changed to iAM or Independent Artist Management when the event took place.

BNK48 Office has been established since two years ago precisely June 2, 2017 as an agency that manages BNK48.

Built as an agency that follows the AKB48 business model in Japan made this company a huge success in Thailand.

Jirat Bowonnawattana, CEO of Independent Artist Management Co., Ltd (iAM) held a press conference that revealed the direction of business expansion.

The name of this new agency has an investment mission and management of artists, singers and influencers in a comprehensive range.

The following are three main business lines of iAM that were delivered at the event.

1. The idol group management business under the AKB48 model, which will continue to offer a variety of colors and entertainment such as singles that will create hits for Thai music fans.

Events to build relationships with fans and also include creating films of various genres from famous directors in Thailand.

So it's likely there will be more groups that will be formed in accordance with the AKB48 concept.

Maybe later, not only BNK48 and CGM48 will be available in Thailand, if a good response from fans in some regions might be the newest BNK48 sister group or maybe with a different name.

2. Idol management and male artists, through joint investment in Dream Society Management Company Limited ("DMS") with iAM, in the proportions of 60% and 40% respectively.

DMS will use the business model of BNK48's success to adjust and make interesting differences.

To revolutionize the male idol industry in Thailand, the School of Gentlemen's "The Brothers" program will be launched, which will be shaded by 4 male artists who are recognized by the Thai people as national brothers to develop a new male idol group.

Tik Jesadaporn Poldee, Mario Maurer, Ananda Everingham, and Nichkhun Vejvejkul will launch The Brothers this November.

3. Talent management manages artists, singers, actors, and influencers to increase the diversity of content to reach all target groups of all ages, genders, and ages, while negotiating for outstanding and interesting artists, both locally and internationally.

PlanB and AKS will remain in the body of iAM despite the change of name.

They are the main investors who give iAM the experience and power to launch new businesses in Thailand.

Therefore, today iAM under the management of Jirat Bowonnawattana and the cooperation of these business partners is ready and trying to make iAM the number 1 talent agency in Thailand