Matsui Jurina's statue will be displayed on 21st Nagoya Motor Show

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina was appointed as the ambassador of the Nagoya Motor Show auto show in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

She was asked to be the icon of the 21st exhibition event. 

The Nagoya Motor Show, the largest car event in the Chubu area, has been held every year since the first event was held in 1979, and this time will be the 21st time.

This event will be held on November 21-24, 2019 at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall.

Interestingly in this event, a sculpture of cake formed similar to the ambassador Matsui Jurina SKE48 will be displayed.

The original sized Jurina cake will be exhibited during the four days of the event.

The Nagoya Motor Show will feature a large number of domestic and foreign cars and the latest commercial vehicles on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

There are also various rides, like the supercar ride, making it an event that you can experience and see.