NGT48 Takakura Moeka to take hiatus

Through its website the day before yesterday, NGT48 announced that Takakura Moeka will stop temporarily from the group's activities.

NGT48 member Takakura Moeka suffered a serious injury and had to visit the hospital last week due to back pain. 

"About the treatment of lower back pain Takakura Moeka  Thank you for always supporting NGT48. Takakura Moeka, a first generation member, went to the hospital for treatment of low back pain from last week and stopped the show. After consulting with her personally, we decided to concentrate on the treatment for a while. Rest period is scheduled for about one month, while following the course of treatment, we will report the time back again. During the rest period, NGT48 Mail, NGT48 Mobile Photo Log, Twitter, Instagram and SNS accounts like SHOWROOM renewal will continue according to adequate conditions."

Lower back pain is caused by injury to strained muscles or sprained ligaments. The causes of these injuries include wrong way of lifting weights, poor posture, not exercising regularly, fractures, ruptured discs, or arthritis.