Siba send 4 SNH48 members for PRODUCE 101 China 3rd Season

After the iQiyi "Qing Chun You Ni" Second Season's event was announced, apparently their rival Tencent is also preparing a new survival program series from PRODUCE 101 China.

But in the second season, Tencent changed the name of the PRODUCE 101 program to PRODUCE CAMP.

The second PRODUCE CAMP or total China PRODUCE 101 this third season will be followed by returning female trainees.

Previously the first season for female trainees, the second season for male trainees, and this new season will be followed again by female participants.

According to an idol news account in China, SNH48's agency STAR48 will be attending the PRODUCE event for the third season.

In the first season, STAR48 canceled participation and in the second season, they sent DSB group representatives to PRODUCE CAMP.

This idol fan account also revealed the names of several participants from SNH48 GROUP.

There are 4 names mentioned from the ranks of SNH48. They are Zhao Yue (Team NII), Sun Zhenni (Team HII), Li Jiaen (Overseas Trainee), and Gao Chong (Overseas Trainee).

Two names from overseas trainees are rumored to be participating in this survival event. Li JiaEn and Gao Chong themselves have participated in South Korean-based idol training.

The four members will reportedly take part in PRODUCE CAMP interview sessions in Shanghai and Beijing on December 23 and 24 2019.