SNH48 Shen Mengyao is now a beauty vlogger as well

SNH48 is launching a new breakthrough for its members to be easily recognized by the Chinese people.

Well, this time the management provides an opportunity for the Team HII member Shen Mengyao Team to become a beauty vlogger.

Beauty Vlogger is a term for people who make beauty content consisting of videos and usually uploaded to platforms on the internet.

Here, Shen Mengyao opens a new Weibo account to upload video tutorial content, aka grooming.

The official Weibo account name is "Miaole ge Zhuang MissS (喵 了 个 妆 MissS)" or which can be interpreted as 'Hi Make Up MissS'.

This account received a positive response as evidenced by account followers who already have 600 thousand people.

It is planned that the contents of the Shen Mengyao make up tutorial will be uploaded every Friday only on Weibo with a duration of three minutes.

The first video was uploaded on November 15, 2019 by inviting girls to learn makeup with peach ornaments. Here is a Weibo Miaole ge Zhuang account: