SNH48 will hold audition for 14th generation member

SNH48 will hold audition for 14th generation member

The good news is coming from the idol group SNH48 with its sisters BEJ48 and GNZ48.

The three 48 groups in China officially opened the search for new members.

Through the Weibo account and SNH48 official website today, auditions for 14th generation members and 9th generation BEJ48 and GNZ48 have started to open.

SNH48 GROUP is the largest female idol group in the Chinese region which is also based on the passion and internet development model of 'O2O (Offline to Online).

SNH48 and its sister group had a concept from the start, namely "face to face idols / idols that you can meet".

Since the beginning, many members have been recruited. More than 200,000 girls with their dreams registered for auditions.

Nearly 300 of them were selected to be part of the SNH48 GROUP extended family.

The unique idol development model and strong training team continue to provide high-quality teen idols for China's entertainment industry.

The requirements are given by SNH48 GROUP to become their members.

(1) Aged 13-22 years, girls with dreams of being an idol, do not have to have experience.

(2) Do not sign with any company and can sign exclusive artist agreements with SNH48 GROUP companies.

(3) After selection, they will receive professional training, participate in exclusive theater shows, various shows at home and abroad, film various TV shows and platforms, advertisements and other shows and commercial activities.

This audition was open for a long time, even the longest among the previous SNH48 GROUP audition.

Opened today 11 November 2019 and will be closed on 2 February 2020.

The total registration is open for 90 days.

SNH48 GROUP Overseas Trainee also opened a recruitment alias audition along with this.

With the theme 'To The World', the audition will be combined with Korea's top performers, ZANYBROS.

All selected members will have the opportunity to travel to overseas training bases, along with Korean coaches and teams of all Korean stars. Receive high-level, high-intensity training for two years.