Who will break Minegishi Minami record at AKB48.Group?

The first generation AKB48 was the pioneers of the legend of the 48 Group where they fought from nothing to introduce this group to fame in several countries like now.

They were first introduced on October 30, 2005.

Already in 2019 means that AKB48 is more than 14 years old along with the birth of the first generation.

One by one the members of the AKB48 legend left very quickly.

However, did you know that at the age of the 14th AKB48 there is still one remaining pioneer member?

Yes, she is Minegishi Minami or Miichan.

Sadly, today, she has just announced his graduation from AKB48.

She was the last member of the first generation to graduate.

For 14 years, she has fought in AKB48, both with and without her generation.

Miichan's struggle behind the AKB48 screen is also very much for the sake of her juniors.

Sh also helped develop JKT48 for their theater in FX Sudirman.

Her journey in AKB48 was not easy, she had been hit by a scandal until she fell off as a training student (kenkyuusei).

14 years is not a small number to become a member of 48 Groups.

At a time when many members who only wanted social climbing through the name 48 more quickly resigned, this was inversely proportional to Miichan.

She made the record for the first time being a member for 14 years.

Usually 48 members only last <1-10 years in the group.

Who will be the record breaker for Miichan to live in 48 Groups? Does Matsui Jurina remember that she is now on a 12-year journey on SKE48? Or Kashiwagi Yuki who will graduate after 30 years old.

Special theater performance AKB48's 14th birthday celebration was held this afternoon, Sunday.

This cheerful performance was suddenly blue after a sad announcement from one of the members.

Minami Minegishi or often called Miichan announced her graduation from AKB48 that afternoon.

"I Minegishi Minami will graduate from AKB48," Miichan told fans at the MC performance.

"In this way, I have chosen a place for graduation where I can supervise and see everyone," Miichan continued.

Some members were seen crying when they heard of Minegishi Minami's decision.

Her graduation concert was announced right then and there.

Minegishi Minami Graduation Concer will be held on April 2, 2020 at Yokohama Arena.

With this concert, the legendary AKB48's first generation was finished.

Minegishi Minami is a member of the first generation AKB48 who last graduated from the group.

Her generation has left her a long time ago. This debut from 30 October 2005 to 2019 marked the Minegishi struggle in AKB48 for more than 14 years.