AKB48 choreographer arrived in Delhi for DEL48

A choreographer from AKB48, Takeshi Kise some time ago traveled to Delhi, India.

This can be seen from his Instagram account (@takashi_kise) where he uploaded photos taken while at the Jama Masjid, Delhi.

The good news, Takashi Kise through the instastory informed that he was back in Delhi, India on November 30, 2019.

He uploaded a photo showing that he was at Delhi's international airport.

Takeshi san often visited AKB48's sister group outside of Japan.

When TPE48 (now AKB48 Team TP) was formed, he was also tasked with educating members in Taipei.

After that, he was seen visiting BNK48 in Thailand and AKB48 Team SH in China.

Takeshi was also seen helping to select and train SGO48 first generation audition participants.

His arrival in Delhi, India became the code that he helped train DEL48 generation members for their debut.

In his Instagram account, he also met with an Indian Bollywood choreographer, Firoz Khan.

It is known that Firoz Khan is a choreographer appointed by DEL48. Is DEL48 debuting soon this December? Let's wait for this good news soon!