AKB48 Team TP announces 2nd generation members

AKB48 Team TP announces 2nd generation members

As we all know, the Taiwanese idol group AKB48 Team TP uses the names of core and kenkyuusei members.

However, this will not be valid from March 2020.

At the press conference and the debut single of Team TP today, it was announced that starting from March 2020 the group will implement a team system by forming 3 teams at once.

At the moment, the team's name cannot be published.

So to use the name Team will use the designations Team A, Team B, and Team C.

Team A

• Chen Si-Ya, Li Chai-Jie, Tsai Ya-En, Chang Fa-Fa, Sin Tik-Kei, Kuo Shin-Yu, Pan Tzu-Yi, Lee meng-Chun, Po Ling, Lin Chieh-Sin, Chia I-Chen.

Team B

 Lu Yu-Ching, Liu Jie-Ming, Lin Jie, Li Jia-Li, Tung Zih-Syuan, Gao Yun-Jue, Fujii Mayu, Tsai Yi-Jou, Chiu Pin-Han, Lo Jui-Ting, Wang Yi-Chia, Chang Yu-Wei.

Team C

 Honda Yuzuka, Zhou Jia-Yu, Lin Chia-Ying, Chang Yu-Lin, Lin Yu-Hsin, Lau Hiu-Ching, Tseng Shih-Yu, Lin Yi-Yun, Kao Yen-Chen, Oyama Mirei, Cheng Chia-Yu.

In addition to the announcement of the formation of the Team, AKB48 Team TP also announced the second generation of members.

An audition was held in the middle of this year and as a result there were 8 girls selected and joining the AKB48 TP Team.

They are Miyada Ruka (宮 田 留 佳), Weng Dao-Shun (翁 彤 薫), Wu Chi-Hui (吳 騏 卉), Yuan Ji-Zhu (袁 子 筑), Lin Ting-Li (林亭 莉), Jou Jia-An (周家安), Wu Wan-Ling (吳婉淩), and Lin Jia-Ni (林佳 霓).

That's the new 8 members AKB48 Team TP, based on the source there are actually 10 members who passed the audition.

However, only 8 signed the contract and became part of the AKB48 Team TP.