BEJ48 members will go to Bali

BEJ48 members will go to Bali

Good news is coming for SNH48 GROUP fans in Indonesia.

The reason is your favorite group will travel to one of the places in Indonesia, Bali.

Some time ago BEJ48 announced that they were holding a quiz for the event called "Diary of the Goddess (女神 日记)" in the Pocket48 application.

This event invites fans to compete for a vacation with the members.

Quiz time starts from 9 to 23 December 2019.

Fans who have won will go on holiday to Bali with members of BEJ48.

In this quiz, BEJ48 also provides the option to invite any member on vacation.

The 5 highest chosen members will fly to Indonesia with fans. This event follows SNH48 which invites fans to fly to New Zealand.