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BNK48 MinMin starring "The Weightlifter" drama

BNK48 MinMin starring "The Weightlifter" drama

It's been announced through official Twitter "To Kao Banterng", that the Thailand CH3 channel new drama titled "Lok Lek Dek Chop Yok (ลูก เหล็ก เด็ก ชอบ ยก)" or The Weightlifter will feature BNK48 member Rachaya Tupkunanon a.k.a Minmin.

The CH3 news account Tweeted something regarding this drama and it will be Minmin first ever drama.

Minmin's first acting will also featuring senior actors Great Warintorn plus Boom Suphaphorn at the Daukkon Laduuan.

The Weightlifter drama is currently on-going program in CH3 channel and has total about 18 episodes already displayed.