DEL48 debut postponed, website is error

DEL48 debut postponed, website is error

The AKB48 sister group based in the Indian capital "DEL48" Delhi has finished holding a first generation member audition.

More than 10,000 applicants were successfully selected at the group's first audition.

As informed by DEL48 in their SNS account that debuts and member announcements will be made in November 2019.

However, news about the press conference on November 29, 2019 yesterday was untrue and now it has arrived in December.

This means DEL48 postponed their debut even though it had been announced on its own through @del48official Twitter account.

Actually delaying the debut is not a problem for fans as long as there is an explanation from the official DEL48.

Even DEL48 never returned the announcement after the cancellation of its debut in November. 

Two days ago, fans complained that the official DEL48 website could not be accessed.

When visiting "", you will only see the Error 500 - Internal Server Error sentence.

Again, DEL48 did not provide clarification regarding the error of their website.

Fans became increasingly worried about the fate of the DEL48 group.

Website error, failed to debut in November, and there is no clarity from the official side to make its own concerns.

They are afraid that the fate of DEL48 is similar to that of MUM48 which failed to be formed even though the audition had already been held. Worse yet, we also encountered an error website on the DEL48 sister group website, MUB48 (