DEL48 official website is now accessible

After experiencing an error a few days ago, the official website of the sister group AKB48 in India "DEL48" Delhi has now returned to normal.

On 3 December, we reported that the official websites DEL48 and MUB48 had experienced errors since the beginning of December.

Some fans believe that the official DEL48 website is undergoing updates and changes made by staff.

But when the website has returned in fact the website has not changed at all.

The display was still the same when DEL48 opened its first website where there was still a first generation audition menu.

It is not yet known why the DEL48 website has experienced an error for several days and there is also no clarity from the staff.

DEL48's sister website "MUB48" in Mumbai, India has also returned to normal. Still the same as the beginning, there is no change whatsoever.