Details on BNK48 8th single High Tension with new original song

Details on BNK48 8th single High Tension with new original song

BNK48 has just announced the title of the 8th single "High Tension" and its senbatsu members.

This announcement was made on the second day of the 7th single special handshake event "77 no Suteki na Machi e".

BNK48 High Tension Senbatsu single consists of 16 members.

They are Cherprang Areekul, Jennis, Music, Mobile, Jane, Orn, Noey, Namneung, Kaew, Tarwaan, Pupe, Kaimook, Fond, Gygee, Namsai, and Myyu.

The center is held by Namneung for the first time.

In addition, BNK48 also announced the 8th single tracklist consisting of 3 songs.

The main song is High Tension with two coupling songs.

Just like in the 7th single, the 8th single coupling song also consists of all original songs.

The second track for High Tension's single is "Don in Dong / โดด ดิ ด่ ง (Ost. Thaibaan x BNK48)".

The third track is a solo song from Mobile "Jak Jai Po Sao Kon Ni / จาก ใจ ผู้าว คน นี้ (Ost. Thaibaan x BNK48)" or which also means "From the Heart of a Young Girl".

This mobile also starred in the drama.

High Tension pre-order single will begin in February to March 2019.

The single will be released in three types namely CD Limited Edition, Mini Photobook Limited Edition, and Music Card.

CD Limited Edition consists of 1 CD with a tracklist of the songs above, 1 Photopack, 1 Handshake Ticket, and 1 BNK48 9th Single General Election Vote Coupon.

This type is sold at a price of 350 THB or around Rp. 162,000.

The second type of Mini Photobook Limited Edition consists of 1 Mini Photobook, 1 Music Card, 1 Photopack, 1 Handshake Ticket, 1 Vote Coupon.

Sold the same price as the Limited Edition CD. For the Music Card Type, it only consists of 1 Music Card and 1 Vote Coupon, the cheapest, which is 200 THB or around IDR92,500.

The High Tension handshake event has been scheduled and planned to be held 3 times, each of which is 2 days. The schedule includes March 7-8, May 2-3, and June 6-7 2020.