Details on Chiang Mai 106, CGM48 1st single

Details on Chiang Mai 106 CGM48 1st single

Today the "BNK48 77no Suteki na Machie e Roadshow" event has been held in Chiang Mai.

The event was attended by 6 members of BNK48, besides the sister group of Chiang Mai CGM48 was a surprise as a special guest.

CGM48 debuted in this event by bringing the song Chiang Mai 48 (CGM48) which is a compulsory song for 48 group and several songs such as Aikatta, 365nichi no Kamiikoouki and KFC.

In this event there were also several announcements for CGM48.

CGM48 also announced something important.

CGM48's debut single was revealed through a VTR.

The title of CGM48's first single is "Chiang Mai 106".

This song is an adaptation of NGT48's song "Max Toki 315go".

Senbatsu for the first single has also been mentioned, consisting of 16 members.

They are Sita Teeradechsakul (Sita), Napassanan Thambuacha (Angel), Manita Chanchai (Kaiwan), Jirattikan Tasee (Pepo), Nattarika Boontua (Nena), Chayanan Jedpeenongruamjai (Milk), Phitchayapha Supanya (Nenie), Pronwarin Wongtrakulkit (Pim), Chutipapha Rattanakornyannawut (Parima), Izuta Rina (Izurina), Vithita Srasreesom (Kaning), Manichar Aimdilokwong (Marmink), Wacharee Danphasukkul (Punch), Pitchayathida Sonthisakwanna (Meen), Pundita Koontawee (Fortune), dan Punyawee Jungcharoen (Aom(.

The center is held by the most charming member, Sita.

Another surprising announcement is CGM48 which will be included in the BNK48 election event next year.

BNK48 9th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyou will be followed by CGM48 for the first time.

CGM48 will also hold a Hi-Touch with BNK48 at Central Plaza, Chiang Mai Airport on December 22, 2019.