GNZ48 and BEJ48 fans are suing STAR48

GNZ48 and BEJ48 fans are suing STAR48

SNH48 GROUP experienced another dispute with fans.

This time it emerged from Team J BEJ48 and Team Z GNZ48 fanclubs.

The issue of the dissolution of the two teams is now getting stronger because the fansclub of the two teams accept injustice.

This news appeared on Weibo after statements issued by these two fan clubs.

Statement is clearly condemnation for STAR48 related to injustice directed at these two teams at SNH48 GROUP 6th Request Time Best 60 later.

"For the song "J story", we collected 106284 votes from the fundraising for Team J", wrote Team J's fan club.

"We raised 83,680 votes + 16,614 votes from known fans, a total of 100,294 votes", wrote the Team Z fan club.

They were afraid that STAR48 did sound manipulation so they told the chronology more clearly as follows:

(1) We have confirmed that team J and Z's songs were not told to record and practice;

(2) BEJ48 and GNZ48 operations have told some fans in the theater that Team J and Z were not included in the final report;

(3) We learned through the circle from each team that Team HII, X, B, G, NIII had recorded the team song, therefore, we speculated that Team J and Team Z's songs had not yet entered the concert line-up.

For this action they also analyzed the rules regarding Request Time this year which was so complicated.

(1) Only 5 team songs but 45 unit songs;

(2) Rules that are not mentioned on the vote page that "If the number of votes in a team song group is not as good as the unit group and does not get a high vote at the end so it will be canceled or not grouped".

Considering the above points that were not mentioned, Team Z and Team J made a claim that there should be no reason why team songs from Team J and Z could not be played at this B50 concert.

If the above requirements are not met, the fanclub will take legal action.

(1) Submit a complaint to 12315 on the telephone or web page or directly to the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Branch for complaints about cheated STAR48 consumer behavior. The administration department is asked to impose administrative penalties on STAR48.

(2) Hiring a lawyer to send a letter of attorney regarding violations of the consumer rights of STAR48 companies and asking the company to compensate us for the wrong propaganda.

(3) Report the case to the Hongkou District branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau with suspected STAR48 fraud and submit the report material we have prepared.

(4) From consumers who bought B50 concert tickets it has been seen that the promotional content was not mentioned on the "5 Glory Team Songs" concert site, only 3 songs were seen.

"We will continue to follow up on this matter before Request Time, until the proper processing is complete. Our low popularity does not mean that we do not have human rights." write both of these fanclubs at the end of the announcement.