Japanese fans curious with BNK48 original songs

Japanese fans curious with BNK48 original songs

BNK48's 8th single has been announced, with title is High Tension.

3 songs will adorn this single including High Tension and the other two arenoriginal songs.

However, this got a protest from one of the fans in Japan.

Miori Ohkubo fans with his account @Jalways7473 wrote criticism for the company's iAM that houses BNK48.

"A word for iAM, how many do you want to make money, there are too many original songs recently. There are many more good songs (very good) in AKB48 Group songs, don't disappoint your fans anymore. Operations (management) that was just too smart. Because of that SNH48 was kicked out, please take out the original CD separately."

This is indeed a fact if the new management iAM BNK48 included two original songs since the 7th single as a coupling song.

However, he was mistaken if SNH48 was kicked out of AKB48 Group for releasing an original song.

According to the AKB48 website on June 9, 2016, SNH48 violated the contract for creating a new sister group without the knowledge of AKS.

But this tweet was ignored by Japanese fans who were counter to this opinion.

"I have another opinion. I wonder why there is too much pressure from AKB48. Now it's a global economy. If it's like SNH, I think it would be better if BNK48 made a good original song and was covered by AKB at headquarters. I think the results will be it's better if group 48 in the world work more freely ", write the @harenonaka account.

Original single is an important thing because that's the authenticity of a musical group. As long as it's still well received in the audience, the original song is no big deal.