Korean singer, Takeuchi Miyu back to AKB48 theater

Korean singer and former AKB48 member who is now under the auspices of the Korean entertainment agency, Takeuchi Miyu returned to the AKB48 Theater stage in Japan.

On this day, she performed in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the 9th generation AKB48 members in the theater.

This is special for the anniversary celebration of AKB48 9th generation, Miyu came to Japan.

She managed to reciprocate the longing of the fans for her appearance on the theater stage.

Unfortunately, she did not appear in the theater unit's song.

Quoted from the live broadcast of this show, Takeuchi Miyu conveyed her current situation after graduating from AKB48.

"I don't want to say it but now I live in Korea, I work as a trainee at an entertainment agency (there)," said Takeuchi Miyu.

The girl whose name skyrocketed in Korea during the PRODUCE 48 event has now been contracted by Mystic Entertainment as the artist.

Some solo songs have also been released. Miyu officially graduated from the idol group AKB48 last May.