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List of JKT48 9th generation members unveiled

During JKT48 Joy! Kick! Tears! Handshake Festival there was something surprising and at the same time made the fans hunt for their new oshi after the graduation of 9 members left for graduation yesterday.

The announcement was the introduction of the 9th generation membrrs of JKT48 who had undergone an audition process several months ago.

There are at least 14 young girls who are ready to become the future of JKT48. Here are 14 JKT48 9th Generation members:

Adzana Shaliha (Asha) 14 years-old South Tangerang
Assya Alifia Azzahra (Asya) 14 Jakarta
Chithlyn Gwynets Santoso (Cathline) 10 Surabaya
Calista Ellysia Sugianto (Calista) 13 Jakarta
Christabel Angela Jocelyn (Abel) 12 Surabaya
Indah Cahya Nabilah (Indah) 18 Jambi
Iris Vevina Prasetio (Airis) 16 Surabaya
Kathrina Irene Indarto Putri (Katrina) 13 Bekasi
Lian Olivia Payten (Olivia) 16 Tangerang
Marsha Lavia (Marsha) 13 Jakarta
Nabila Gesmarli (Nabila) 14 Jakarta
Putri Elzahra (Putri) 13 Depok
Shinta Dewi (Sinta) 16 South Tangerang
Tiara Hasyakyla Putri (Tiara) 18 Depok