Meet JNR48, Junior48 the new SNH48 sister group

Jnr48 logo snh48 junior48 members

Through SNH48's official website STAR48 has announced a new sister group named "JNR48" or "JuNioR48".

Some time ago, rumors about JNR48 had surfaced and become the talk of the SNH48 Group fans.

JNR48 is officially authorized by Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group Co., Ltd. (STAR48).

This group was created by Shanghai Xiaoyuan Art which has been working with SNH48 for a long time.

In this announcement it was explained that JNR48 was the children's version of the SNH48 idol group.

According to a citizen of Shanghai Xiaoyuan Art is a children's training entertainment agency supported by the Shanghai government.

JNR48 will find exceptional little girls to be recruited through selection.

Build an exclusive dream stage for children who love to sing, dance, and perform.

All selected girls will have the opportunity to interact with SNH48.

In the future, JNR48 members will have the opportunity to become a new force to become the next star of SNH48.

JNR48 has opened a trainee audition on 2-31 January 2020. Little girls aged 6-14 years can take part in this audition.

Once accepted, members will have more opportunities to participate in various high-quality performances and photography activities.

(1) Performing at the SNH48 GROUP general election final concert.
(2) Performing at the SNH48 GROUP Request Time concert.
(3) Have a show at SNH48 Star Dream Theater.
(4) Various large-scale performances held with Shanghai Xiaoyuan Art.
(5) Join the 19th Paris Star International Art Festival 2020.
(6) Participation in domestic TV programs.
(7) Members who meet the SNH48 qualification requirements will have the opportunity to become SNH48 members.

Audition selection will be conducted in February 2020 in Shanghai. Professional trainers will provide targeted teaching on vocal music, performances, dance and body shape, and become a member of JNR48 through professional art training.