Zhang QiaoYu has been punished by AKB48 Team SH

Zhang Qiaoyu has been punished by AKB48 Team SH

On today's post AKB48 Team SH issued statement regaeding Zhang Qiaoyu, member of kenkyuusei, said she has been violating the artist management rules set by the group's operations team.

This announcement was made in the official Weibo AKB48 today, December 24, 2019.

"AKB48 Team SH member Kenkyuusei Zhang Qiaoyu due to violations of artist management regulations, the operations team decided after careful discussion:  

Paying more attention to member Zhang Qiaoyu, and instructing her to re-examine the artist's rules and related rules, sincerely watched and studied the AKB48 documentary "Documentary of AKB48".  

Work hard, be humble, and be grateful. Keep fighting for your dreams. Full of energy, never give up. That is the core value of our AKB48 Team SH. I hope that the member disciplines heeself to a high standard, hopefully she will reflect on her own mistakes and change. 

AKB48 Team SH Management."