AKB48 Team SH to perform "Thumbnail" stage in Akihabara

The AKB48 Team SH Shanghai new stage setlist is Thumbnail, they will actually perform on Akihabara AKB theater next month, here is details ...

AKB48 Team SH has officially announced that they will be performing at the AKB48 Theater, Tokyo, Japan.

This announcement was made by AKB48 Team SH through its official Weibo account.

"In order for members not to forget their original intentions and inherit the persistence of their seniors, we decided to return to the origin of AKB48 Akihabara, Tokyo," explained AKB48 Team SH in the announcement.

This AKB48 Team SH theater performance will feature the first setlist of "Thumbnails" in Japan.

This show is the first day aka shonichi setlist "Thumbnail" AKB48 Team SH.

This is the first time a foreign group has made a shonichi setlist at AKB48 Theater.

The Shonichi Thumbnail at the AKB48 Theater will be held on February 1, 2020.

Members who appear include Gui Chuchu, Jian Qiangwei, Liu Nian, Mao Weijia, Shi Aibei, Shi Keyan, Song Xinran, Wan Fangzhou, Wan Yudzhou, Wang Yuduo, Wei Xin, Wu Anqi , Xiong Fanni, Ye ZhiEn, Zeng Sicun, Zhu Ling, and Zhuang Xiaoti.

This is AKB48 Team SH's second appearance at AKB48 Theater. Previously they had also performed there for the MV filming of the debut single LOVE TRIP.