BNK48 Member Ratah "Bagaikan Langit Challenge" on TikTok

TikTok is now becoming more popular among 48 Groups in or outside Japan, BNK48 member Ratah Chinkrajangkit is one of them ...
BNK48 Member Ratah "Bagaikan Langit Challenge" on TikTok

After being used by many MNL48 members for their TikTok videos, now it is the turn of JKT48 sister group members in Thailand BNK48 who accept the challenge 'Bagaikan Langit Challenge'.

Ratah or who has a complete name Ratah Chinkrajangkit BNK48 has just uploaded her TikTok video.

The video was uploaded in her Instagram account via the snapgram feature.

Ratah looks funny right?

The pose recorded in the challange video is very cute.

She seems to have a fever like Heaven like other Thai artists.

"Bagaikan Langit Challenge" is a song from Indonesia which is popular in TikTok has now spread throughout the world. In the video challenge someone will do an interesting pose when the music is set in the song Like the Sky remix.