Dani's mum says other MNL48 members were dating as well

Scandal Dani MNL48 member revaled that other members is dating as well, here is the full story
Dani's mum reveals other MNL48 members were dating as well

Dani MNL48 has just been involved in a dating scandal and is suspected of having a secret boyfriend.

A scandalous photo of her boyfriend carried while on vacation at the beach is now widespread on social media.

MNL48 fans were furious because this scandal was justified by Daniella Mae Palmero's mum, Carol Palmero.

She seemed to confirm that her daughter did have a boyfriend.

This is known when a fan on Facebook asked about her thoughts on her daughter's scandal.

Accounts known to belong to Dani's mother responded with a very shocking and hurtful responds for fans.

"Then you know Dani is not the only one who breaks the rules. Many MNL48 members also have boyfriends," she wrote as in the picture above.

This certainly hurts many MNL48 fans.

Fans are now demanding HHE a clarification about Dani's scandal.

Plus because of what Dani's mum said, fans also wants HHE to take down members who still have secret boyfriend.