Dani wants to spread other MNL48 members scandal

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After the scandal spread to the public, HHE as an MNL48 agency announced that Dani or Daniella Mae Palmero was officially has been fired from the group for violating several rules.

It is known that Dani has a boyfriend secretly and violates love-ban rules in MNL48.

But instead of being sad, Dani actually uploaded an provocative photo with the boyfriend while on vacation.

This photo was even taken in the same place as a scandalous photo that spread on the internet.

Through Dani's personal Facebook account, she uploaded a photo through the 'story' feature that showed her true colors.

Because of this, fans criticized Dani's behavior which was considered unfavorable because she did not feel guilty for the scandal.

In addition, fans are also unhappy with the status created by Dani on Facebook about the response to her dismissal.

Dani wants to spread other MNL48 members scandal

"Finally in the post too, hahahaha thank you MNL48. Want some? Hahaha LOL", she wrote.

The word "want some?" Dani wrote that was considered by fans that she wanted to uncover the general secrets of other MNL48 members scandal.